Week 19…Corella Creek…

Into the Gulf Country. 3000km walked since leaving Melbourne.

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  1. Bev Wood says:

    Well on the way now. I wonder how far out you will be when you get a whiff of the Gulf. The Hills and I met up at Central Market in Adelaide last week and had a good chin wag. Conference planning is going well. How are your poor feet?

  2. Robin Hill says:

    Hi Dave

    I have been watching your progress and trying to imagine how it really is on the ground without six cylinders and the esky etc. and no dog on a cold night. But now it looks like your in sight of the goal. Great stuff!


  3. Gav ibbett says:

    hey dave how are those feet
    are you coming into the NT im up in kakadu
    if you do come this way their is a rum waiting for you
    all the best hope the wet dosent hammer you to much

  4. Beverley Wood says:

    Thinking of you again now you are within a whiff of the ocean – what an absolutely splendiferous effort you have made, and in such good time. Congratulations.

  5. John and Prue HASLER says:

    Congratulations Dave and Annie
    By now you must be close to the Gulf or still negotiating the labyrinth of distributaries of the Bynoe River. Google Earth shows how complex it all is.
    BOM site has shown rain all around your area. Hope you have been able to traverse as required.
    We look forward to hearing that you have safely arrived.
    August 1st at Royal Park seems a long time ago and the miserable weather just a memory. Noccundra was a long time ago too but the weather much warmer.
    Great effort in walking the route.
    We know it’s a long way, and that was driving it in 1999 and 2002.
    We await your at leisure updates on you blog.
    Best Wishes to you and Annie and look forward to seeing you both at the B&W Conference in May.
    John and Prue Hasler

  6. Beverley Wood says:

    We know you are getting close to your goal now. Thinking of you traversing the marshes.

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