Week 9….Sunshine State…

Queensland Border to Thargomindah.

A quick update on my progress…on Friday 26th September I walked 44 kilometers and as the light began to fade I reached the Dog Fence marking the New South Wales-Queensland border. I hopped over the locked gate into the Sunshine State – it was sunny too, 36°C which is not bad for September. Unfortunately there’s no ‘Welcome to Queensland’ signs at this gate (and no road either for that matter) but it is still good to be in Queensland.

Queensland was officially declared a separate colony on Saturday 10 December 1859, when the new Governor, Sir George Ferguson Bowen, read out Queen Victoria’s proclamation at Government House in Adelaide Street, Brisbane. 330 days later Burke crossed into the new colony; there were no welcome signs for him either, although he didn’t have to vault over the Vermin Proof Fence.

In fact the border wasn’t surveyed until John Brewer Cameron got here in 1879 but the colony’s southern border had been set as the parallel of 29º of south latitude back in November 1856, so Wills knew they were approaching Queensland. The previous night he commented on the excellent circum-meridian altitudes he managed to take at midnight when the clouds cleared from the sky. His latitude calculations put them 7 miles and 74 chains south of the new colony, but Wills makes no comments in his field-book on leaving New South Wales or crossing the border.

I celebrated my return to Queensland in the traditional fashion…..

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  1. Bev Wood says:

    Thanks for the photo of yourself Dave. Funny thing is, my glance went first to your feet! Then I observed how quietly happy you look. A bit too sunburnt – can you cover up more? It is just as well you are out bush. The world has gone mad – the planets are in disarray – the American financial crisis is beginning to bite and spread like a virus. We had rain to-day in Melbourne – a heavenly blessing! And it is now daylight saving in the southern states. You are making such good progress, you must be nearly half-way there. Take good care.

  2. Rick Moore says:

    Onya, bloke. Keep at that XXXX stuff. As those who play the toughest & greatest game on earth – AFL – say, take one day & one game at a time. Cheers.

  3. Rick Moore says:

    Heard today of breastplate # 2 up for auction on 27th Oct – pending permission from the relevant minister, and pending a partywith $80 to 100K to bid with.
    Visit: http://www.bonhamsandgoodman.com.au/lot_details.php?lot=70705&from=search&offset=0.
    Dave, I think you better keep your eyes peeled; these blasted things seem to be breeding.

  4. citt says:

    Hey Dave and Annie, What’s with all the shoulder pad gadgets? Wow, you look like an astronuat or a new breed of Australian adventurer!! Careful you might start a Burke and WIlls adventurer trend here in Japan!

    Seriously, I hope you are eating your greens and the frisbee sized steaks out there. Its wonderful to see you look so cheery and to hear you made it to QLD. SO on behalf of the locals WELCOME TO QLD!!! That must have been a small landmark for you both. Wooooo!!

    We all watching you over the next leg,,, it is going to be full of blisters, flat tyres and stories i bet. We all there in spirit rubbing the cicadas legs from high in the gum trees. Can you hear us cheering for you now? The bush telegraph knows you are on your way. Seen any strange phenomenon yet?

    LIfe in the city is not worth worrying about..just enjoy every moment of your time out there. I think you guys are super… Are you listening to music to smooth the miles??? I have some Nigeria 70 tunes that might go down a treat. See what i can do :)

    Take it eaaasssyyy,,, and remember big bubbles,, no troubles.
    Your cheering squad in Tokyo!!

  5. John & Nikki says:

    Hi Dave … what’s with the beard?? … i thought you had 5 star out there at each stop … Annie being a slacko as usual HA! … hope ya travelling well buddy … keep safe and keep smiling … John and Nikki xxx (from Nikki not me! … I’ve got a cold beer for ya)

  6. Walter says:

    “…the dingo got our Dave …”? – have not heard from you for a while, hope you are well. Spring has sprung in Melbourne and I am putting the fisnishing touches to the Burke & Wills Newsletter – will dispatch with Cobb & Co shortly – also we may have settled on the Royal Society of Victoria as a fitting venue for the 2009 Conference. Best Wishes, Walter
    Those boots are made for walkin’ …

  7. Annie & Peter says:

    Hi Annie & Dave,
    Thanks for the photo, we see Burke [ or is it Wills?] but where are you, Dave?? Love to see a photo of the support team. Hows Innaminka? we will get there one day. Keep facing the sun and your shadow will fall behind you. Hang on, that means you will be going the wrong way, Whoops !!!!!
    We had better leave the navigation to you, keep going the right way with care.
    Annie & Peter

  8. Margaret Wicks says:

    Missing your updates but know you’ll be back in touch when you can – thinking of you lots & keeping everything crossed for a successful venture – love, hugs & inspiration Margaret & Stephen x

  9. Ide Rush says:

    Hi Dave & Annie
    Still listening to “your” song “Walking On Air” and thinking of you both. Just wondering where you are and how you’re going. We are having a splash (just over a quarter of an inch!) of very pleasant rain – and about to don our overcoats due to a drop in temperature of ten degrees (which brings it down to mid 20′s).
    We keep looking on your site, but in the Outback we know modern day communication’s not a strong point. Hopefully you are still getting chatting to the locals wherever you are. Hope the dogs are keeping up with you

  10. marty young says:

    Hey Dave and Annie,

    Lookin good, thought you where father x-mas with that new look…keep it up mate and will still catch you for that famous other sunshine state product…rum…when you get too the top


  11. Beverley Wood says:

    G’day Dave. How are you? Thinking of you as the weather gets warmer! Just a note to let you know that there was a news item on Bigpond web to-night (ABC source) that said that the Simpson Desert Park is to be closed from December 1 to March 15. Main concern is inexperienced tourists in hired vehicles – extreme temperatures are forecast.
    Take good care as you move on north please.

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