Day Off #3 – Homebush Hotel, Penarie.

Saturday, 23rd August 2008.

Several people had told us that if we were in the area we were to visit the Homebush Hotel at Penarie. Given such strong recommendations we decided the 120 kilometre round trip was worth the effort and in addition to cold beer there were also hot showers. It was now seventeen days since my last hot shower and I am always tempted by a cold beer !

When we got there we were greeted to the secesionist state, the Principality of Penarie, by Prince Phil and given a tour of the establishment before being supplied with frothy cold beer (…..mmmm, beer….) by Sir Edward Edward who is about to have a sex change operation and become the first one legged princess. Homebush was an experience to say the least and the free accommodation and hot showers were most appreciated. One of those must see outback pubs.

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  1. Fred says:

    I’m an American in Lake Placid, New York but I have been diligently following Dave’s progress across the continent. Many years ago now I developed a devoted admiration for Australia, it’s natural beauty and especially it’s history. I guess I am living vicariously through Dave’s adventure and I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the updates of his progress. The Burke and Wills saga is a tragic yet heroic chapter of Australian history that no work of fiction can match. From a proud American to a proud Australian, and with a touch of envy, I wish Dave the best in his journey.

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