Day off…wake me up with at 10.00 with a Waldorf salad and lashings of hot screwdriver…

Saturday, 9th August 2008.
My first day off and I must admit I was looking forward to it. I wasn’t that tired and I wasn’t aching that much but I was looking forward to having a break after eight days and nearly 200km of treking. I had planned to take Sundays off each week – I don’t really know why I decided to take Sundays, Annie and I have been working in the tourism industry in Cairns for the last twelve years so we never really take Sundays off.

On reflection I decided that a Saturday or a Monday was a better day to take off in order to get things fixed or repaired and to do a bit of shopping. This week we did not need to do much on the day off other than a bit of washing and cleaning so we decided to go back to the Campaspe River where there was water. The sky was dark and overcast as we set up camp on the banks of the river and it began to rain as the sun was setting. The rain was only really a shower and nothing compared to the intensity I would face in the Gulf but it gets so cold when the sun disappears behind the clouds, the wind picks up and the rain begins to fall; Crowded House summed it up – “Four seasons in one day.”

The sun shines on the black clouds,
Hanging over the domain,
Even when you’re feeling warm,
The temperature could drop away,
Like four seasons in one day.

I laid in my swag until nearly 10.00 am. I couldn’t tell you the last time I stayed in bed that late. I wasn’t tired, I just felt like staying bed because I could. Once I finally dragged myself from my pit it was time to wash, clean and scrub. Annie had already started the washing and the fencelines were strewn with socks and shirts blowing in the wind. A dip in the creek was shockingly cold but ultimately refreshing (once the feeling returned to the extremities). My walking gear had been washed, so today’s attire was tracky daks and cowboy boots, flanny shirt, beanie and gloves – some might think that was a little Bogan but I say in matters of the cloth I am as fickle as can be cause I’m a dedicated follower of fashion, (Although for the die-hard Kinks fans I missed out on the frilly nylon panties pulled right up tight).

Then it was time to clean the gear, reorganise the ute, sort out the food, etc… domestic chores. Burke had taken a day off back at Mia Mia on his first Sunday after leaving Melbourne to attend to all the camp chores and they had rain and cold weather too as they tried to get their camp in order, although I bet Burke didn’t use as much velcro, superglue, sika-flex and cable ties to fix things as I did.

I checked my phone messages and made a few calls and then checked my emails. The inbox filled with messages of goodwill and queries as to why my blog wasn’t being updated more regularly. I have to say that I am so pleased that people are not only reading my rambling thoughts on this blog, but they are also interested in them too ! However I have to admit that while the walk is going well and I am fine and happy and on schedule, the blogging has fallen behind this week. Wills spent an hour and a half each night once he came into camp writing up his daily journal by by the light of the fire. I have to sympathise with him as I sit shivering in my swag, trying to touchtype while wearing gloves by the light of a Petzl headtorch on a laptop with a battery showing 9% remaining while the Telstra NextG modem shows low signal strength. I will endeavour to keep up to speed with the blog but please excuse the intermittant updates which will become more noticable as fatigue and poor phone coverage become more prevalant.

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi Dave and Annie… Fabulous to read your last few days of your blog… So good that you were had that rest day, as i guess the going might be getting a bit tougher soon… Must be just awesome for you both… So thrilled to read of your daily experiences Dave… Keep up that fantastic routine… Probably 29 klm will be more than enough for a day!! Are you able to use any of those electrolyte powders for rehydration? When my sisters and I trekked the Larapinta Trail last May I found the Endura powder sachets excellent as top-ups especially on the more tougher days. And of by the way, love that you use the Petzl headtorch.. I have that brand, and it has served me well and keeps on keeping-on!
    Thank you for the magnificent efforts you are going to, to do the Blogs… especially when you have those gloves on for warmth, trying to tap out a day’s blog, and just hope you have enough signal strength of NextG network for your blog to transmit!! Can only imagine how the patience would be stretched!! Cheers Dave and Annie… You doing so well. Sue

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